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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Google Chrome will protect your CPU from harmful downloads

Google Chrome will soon make the harsh bowels of the internet safer for everyone. Google Chrome already protects users from harmful websites by displaying a warning message beforehand. Soon, Google will implement a new security feature that will protect against dangerous downloads as well.

In a future update for Google Chrome, the following message will appear whenever you attempt to download harmful Windows executable files.

This warning doesn’t do enough to catch someone’s attention. When this update is rolled out to the general public, hopefully it’ll be a lot more noticeable. There’s also an option to save the file anyway. Don’t say the mighty Google didn’t warn you if your computer starts acting up.

Chrome will determine what downloads are harmful based on listings from the Safe Browsing API. Also, Google won’t know the exact web address the malicious site or download is located. This is done to protect user privacy.

For now, this feature is only open to a small number of users who are a part of the Chrome development release channel.

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